I was asked by BBC Radio 4 to talk about higher Multiples – 1st programme in series to be aired on 4th December.

How to manage to give individual attention came up.

It’s extremely difficult when they are little but a good start is when they go to nursery by sending them on different days.  But what about triplkkets? – send 1 and 2 on Monday, no 3 gets attention at home,  3 and 2 on Tuesday, then 1 gets to stay at home, then 1 and 3 on Wednesday, and no 2 gets the attention at home, then all together on Thursday and Friday and mum or dad or both get the me time as well as another young child if there is one at home!

But what do you do when the children are older?  Here’s a suggestion:-

Sit the children round a table and give them all a little task like drawing a picture, threading beads, whatever is suitable for their age group.  If there is an older child maybe he or she can help the younger ones.

Meanwhile the parent/s sit away from the table and each child takes it in turns to leave the table and talk to the parent/s about their week.  The grownup/s ask them questions to get the conversation going.  The other children have to keep the noise down so that they all get an equal chance to be heard.  If one child at the table is disruptive they go to the back of the queue.  In between the grownup goes to the table to admire the other children’s handiwork.  This is repeated once a week.  #Multiples,  #Triplets,  #Families,  Twins