One of the main problems I come across in my work with adult twins is dominance.  Dominance is usually established in childhood and can arise for various reasons.  It may be because one is the physically stronger, or the most articulate.  It may be the one who is the more extrovert of the two or simply because one has taken up the caring role.   It can be the one who is born first and feels that they are the eldest and therefore in charge.  There can be many reasons.

As the children become adults this division of roles may no longer be acceptable and the dependent one may decide it’s time to assert themselves.  At this point the dominant twin may object to losing their habitual role – arguments may ensue, the dependent twin may feel resentful and voice his/her complaints, the dominant twin may feel unappreciated.  In an equal relationship the twin pair will happily alternate,  in an unequal relationship a split may occur!  In these covid times pressure can be felt in all families at a time when we need each other’s support and help may be needed to prevent friction and breakdown.  #twins  #families