Many people have lost loved ones in the last few months and have been unable to be with them in their last days or hours or say their final goodbyes.  They haven’t even been able to view them on their final journey to the undertakers or to give them the kind respect and funeral rights that the loved one would have expected to be given.    There are often so many things we wished we had said or would like to say now.  Instead we are left with a big hole in our lives.  Here is a way of filling that hole.

In my experience writing a special card or a letter, long or short, expressing the feelings and love that you have been unable to say in person can be very comforting.  The letter is then placed somewhere that meant something to them – or both of you.  You have done what you need to do – its been said!

Children usually find this very helpful too, you may want to write one together.


You may also like to go to my website www. where I have written two short stories which you may find comforting, called  ‘Where is Uncle Pete and a short sequel  which are available free to download.   # Families   # Bereavement,   # Parents