The importance of individual time with twins has been raised with some excellent advice, but what if you are a single parent and having to manage on your own?

Regular individual time before bedtime will help your twins to find time to talk and bond with you.  Difficult if there is only one of you!  A useful idea is to share spending time with one twin with an older child who can learn to interact positively with each twin, maybe reading a story or with an older twin listening to the child reading or playing a game,  If you do not have another child perhaps a friend or relation or neighbour would help.  Don’t forget to spend alternate evenings with each child.

The disadvantage in picking up a crying child first is that the child learns to demand attention rather than waiting for his/her turn.

A great way of giving toddlers individual attention which I particularly recommend is attending playgroup on alternate days ( both together on Fridays to give the parent some ‘ME’ time!  This way each child has the chance to receive the parent’s undivided attention and form a firm relationship with the parent.  #twins  #Multiple  #Parents